Analyzing JEE Advanced 2024: States with the Highest Numbers of Eligible Candidates

Analyzing JEE Advanced 2024: States with the Highest Numbers of Eligible Candidates


The JEE Advanced 2024 examination stands as a pivotal gateway for aspiring engineers, facilitating entry into prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs, GFITs, and IIITs. Through an in-depth analysis, this article delves into the region-wise distribution of qualified candidates for the JEE Main 2024 exam, highlighting the prominence of specific states in contributing to the pool of eligible candidates for JEE Advanced.

Distribution Overview

The data reveals a significant concentration of JEE Advanced qualified candidates originating from a select few states, with six states alone contributing to 54% of the qualified candidates. Notably, the top ten states account for approximately 73% of these qualified candidates, underscoring the regional variations in examination performance and preparation.

State-Wise Breakdown

Examining the state-wise distribution of eligible candidates for JEE Advanced sheds light on the geographical disparity in candidate representation. The following table outlines the top ten states and their corresponding numbers of eligible candidates:

StateEligible for JEE (Advanced)Accounts for (in %)
Uttar Pradesh28,37311.3
Andhra Pradesh21,8448.7
Tamil Nadu12,2514.9

Insights from the Data

The analysis unveils Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Telangana as the frontrunners, collectively constituting over 30% of eligible candidates for JEE Advanced. Uttar Pradesh emerges as the leader with 28,300 qualified candidates, closely followed by Maharashtra and Telangana, boasting 24,500 and 24,100 candidates, respectively. This dominance underscores the robust preparation and educational infrastructure in these states.

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Performance Trends

Despite the substantial registrations for JEE Main 2024 across January and April sessions, only 28% of candidates have managed to enhance their scores in subsequent JEE Main Session 2 exams. This trend hints at the challenges faced by candidates in maintaining or improving their performance levels, necessitating a deeper understanding of the underlying factors influencing examination outcomes.

Regional Success Stories

Five states, including Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, boast a commendable number of successfully qualified candidates, each surpassing the 21,000 mark. This accomplishment reflects the concerted efforts of both students and educational institutions in fostering academic excellence and preparation for competitive examinations.

Attendance and Participation for JEE Advanced

According to data released by the National Testing Agency (NTA), 14.1 lakh candidates registered for JEE Main this year, with an impressive 75% of candidates participating in both sessions, culminating in an overall attendance rate of 96%. Such high levels of participation underscore the significance of the JEE examinations in shaping the academic trajectories of aspiring engineers nationwide.


As the JEE Advanced 2024 exam approaches on May 26, 2024, the regional distribution of eligible candidates offers valuable insights into the educational landscape and examination dynamics. By leveraging these insights, stakeholders can devise targeted strategies to support aspiring engineers in their pursuit of academic excellence and future endeavors in the field of engineering.


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