CBSE Class 12 Biology Mind Maps PDF Download

CBSE Class 12 Biology Mind Maps PDF Download

Mind maps for all chapters of CBSE Class 12 Biology according to the latest revised syllabus.


  • Mind maps serve as concise alternatives to lengthy textbook chapters.
  • Effective tool for quick revision after initial textbook study.
  • Benefits include visual representations, brain-friendly organization, active learning, and more.

Benefits of Mind Maps

  1. Visual representations
  2. Brain-friendly organization
  3. Whole brain engagement
  4. Active learning
  5. Personalized and flexible
  6. Holistic learning
  7. Creative thinking

Detailed Mind Maps

Chapter-wise mind maps based on the revised NCERT textbook.

Chapter-Wise CBSE Class 12 Biology Mind Maps

Chapter No.Chapter NameMind Map PDFs
1Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsDownload Mind Map
2Human ReproductionDownload Mind Map
3Reproductive HealthDownload Mind Map
4Principles of Inheritance and VariationDownload Mind Map
5Molecular Basis of InheritanceDownload Mind Map
6EvolutionDownload Mind Map
7Human Health and DiseaseDownload Mind Map
8Microbes in Human Welfare Download Mind Map
9Biotechnology: Principles and Processes Download Mind Map
11Biotechnology and its ApplicationsDownload Mind Map
11Organisms and PopulationsDownload Mind Map
12EcosystemDownload Mind Map
13Biodiversity and ConservationDownload Mind Map

Paper Pattern for CBSE Class 12 Biology 2024 Board Examinations

  • Based on the 2023-24 sample paper released by CBSE.
  • Format includes various sections and question types.

Exam Format Details

  • Total Time Allowed: 3 Hours
  • Maximum Marks: 70
  • Total number of questions: 33
  • Total number of sections: 5

Sections Breakdown

  • Section A: 16 Questions, 1 mark each
  • Section B: 5 Very short answer type questions, 2 marks each
  • Section C: 7 Short answer type questions, 3 marks each
  • Section D: 2 Case study-based questions, 4 marks each
  • Section E: 3 Questions, 5 marks each (With Sub-parts)


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