10 Exam Tips from Prime Minister Modi : Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024

10 Exam Tips from Prime Minister Modi: Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024

In the 7th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha, Prime Minister Modi offered valuable insights to students, addressing around 4000 attendees, including students, teachers, and parents, at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. The event aimed to create a stress-free environment for students preparing for exams.

Here are 10 key lessons shared by PM Modi:

  1. Handling Pressure: The First Step Toward Success PM Modi emphasized the importance of molding oneself to handle pressure, considering it the foundation of success. He highlighted that dealing with pressure is a gradual process and should not overwhelm one’s capabilities. Additionally, he stressed the role of parents and teachers in making this process easier.
  2. Healthy Competition Necessary Stressing the need for healthy competition, PM Modi stated that life becomes dull without challenges. He encouraged students to face challenges positively and avoid comparing themselves with classmates during exams. Parents and teachers were urged not to make detrimental comparisons.
  3. Having Ambitious Friends: A Blessing in Disguise PM Modi noted that having ambitious and career-focused friends is a blessing. He advised students to focus on self-improvement rather than worrying about their friends’ achievements.
  4. A Positive Teacher-Student Relationship To ease exam pressure, PM Modi highlighted the importance of teachers connecting with students beyond the syllabus. Creating a positive bond with students from the beginning can boost their confidence and help rectify mistakes.
  5. A Significant Role of Parents PM Modi urged parents to avoid comparing their children’s performance with that of others, emphasizing the detrimental impact of such “running commentary.” Parents were advised not to treat their child’s report card as their visiting card and to instill resilience in children.
  6. The Practice of Writing PM Modi stressed the importance of time management during exams, particularly the need for fast writing. He advised students to regularly practice writing, spot mistakes, and gradually increase their writing speed.
  7. Recharging the Body: An Important Mantra PM Modi likened the body to electronic gadgets, emphasizing the importance of recharging, sunlight exposure, good sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise or meditation during exam preparations.
  8. Being Self-Confident and Making Decisions Students were encouraged to be self-confident, make decisions with courage, and not be weighed down by thoughts of success or failure. PM Modi emphasized that confidence comes with habit.
  9. Trust Building in Students Trust was highlighted as crucial for students’ confidence and success. PM Modi emphasized the need for open, free-flowing conversations at home and school to build a relationship of trust.
  10. Technology: What is Good and What is Bad? In the digital age, PM Modi addressed the importance of balancing technology usage. He urged students to reduce screen time, especially during study hours, and understand how to leverage the positive aspects of the internet.


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