who is topper jee 2024

Who is the topper of JEE 2024?

While the JEE Main 2024 Session 1 results sent shockwaves through the Indian education system, one question continues to linger: who reigns supreme as the undisputed topper? Unlike previous years with a single champion, this year presents a more nuanced picture, painted with shades of brilliance and perseverance.

JEE Main Toppers List 2024 

NTA JEE Main session 1 toppers list has been released. According to the information available, a total of 43 candidates have obtained a 100 score. They can check the complete JEE Main toppers list along with names here: 

JEE Main Toppers ListStates
Aarav BhattHaryana
Rishi Shekher ShuklaTelangana
Shaik SurajAndhra Pradesh
Mukunth Prathish STamil Nadu
Madhav BansalDelhi
Aryan PrakashMaharashtra
Ishaan GuptaRajasthan
Aaditya KumarRajasthan
Rohan Sai DaddyTelangana
Parekh Meet VikrambhaiGujarat
Amogh AgrawalKarnataka
Shivansh NairHaryana
Thota Sai KarthikAndhra Pradesh
Gajare Nilkrishna NirmalkumarMaharashtra
Dakshesh Sanjay MishraMaharashtra
Muthavarapu AnoopTelangana
Himanshu ThalorRajasthan
Handekar VidithTelangana
Venkata Sai Teja MadineniTelangana
Ipsit MittalDelhi
Annareddy Venkata Tanish ReddyAndhra Pradesh
Sriyashas Mohan KalluriTelangana
Tavva Dinesh ReddyTelangana

Beyond the Perfect Score Frenzy: Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t one “topper” in JEE Main 2024 Session 1. A remarkable 23 candidates achieved a perfect score of 100 percentile, shattering expectations and proving that excellence comes in multiple forms (Source: National Testing Agency). Interestingly, Telangana emerged as the breeding ground for toppers, contributing the highest number of perfect scorers (7 out of 23). This begs the question, what unique factors contribute to such regional success?

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JEE Main Topper’s List 2023 Session 2 Based on 100 NTA Score

Last year, a total of 43 candidates secured a 100 NTA score in the JEE Main 2023 exam in B.E./B.Tech. Paper 1. They can check last year’s session 1 toppers list below: 

S. No.Application No.Name of CandidateStateNTA Score
1230310124339Singaraju Venkat KoundinyaTelangana100
2230310286801Kallakuri Sainadh SrimanthAndhra Pradesh100
3230310352290Ishan KhandelwalRajasthan100
4230310167803Deshank Pratap SinghUttar Pradesh100
5230310034589Nipun GoelUttar Pradesh100
6230310210373Allam SujayTelangana100
7230310481885Vavilala Chidvilas ReddyTelangana100
8230310146952Bikkina Abhinav ChowdaryTelangana100
9230310666162Suthar Harshul SanjaybhaiGujarat100
10230310514113Abhineet MajetyTelangana100

Delving Deeper: Ranking the Ranks: While 100 percentiles grab headlines, the true merit lies in the intricate nuances of individual ranks. Among these top scorers, Venkata Sai Teja Madineni from Telangana secured the All India Rank (AIR) 1, followed by Ipsit Mittal from Delhi and Annareddy Venkata Tanish Reddy from Andhra Pradesh (Source: Jagran Josh). Their journeys, shaped by unique backgrounds and study strategies, offer valuable insights for future aspirants.

Beyond Numbers: The Human Story: Often lost in the statistics are the individual narratives of struggle, dedication, and triumph. Each topper possesses a unique story – from Aarav Bhatt, the son of a farmer who aced the exam with limited resources (Source: Aakash Institute), to the inspiring tale of Shaik Suraj, who overcame personal challenges to secure a top rank (Source: Aakash Institute). These stories serve as powerful motivators, reminding us that success transcends socio-economic barriers.

A Look Ahead: Unveiling the JEE Advanced Game: While Session 1 is a stepping stone, the real battle lies in JEE Advanced, scheduled for June 2024. This year’s diverse topper group raises intriguing questions: how will they fare against each other? Will regional trends continue to play a role? Will a clear champion emerge? Only time will tell.

This year’s JEE Main results mark a shift away from singular toppers, presenting a diverse landscape of excellence. By diving deeper into the ranks, exploring regional patterns, and acknowledging the human stories behind the numbers, we gain a richer understanding of what truly defines a JEE champion. As we await the next chapter in JEE Advanced, one thing remains certain: the pursuit of academic excellence in India continues to inspire and captivate us all.


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