Mastering GMAT with Effective Short Tricks: Section-Wise Strategies

Mastering GMAT with Effective Short Tricks: Section-Wise Strategies


The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) holds significant importance in the application process for business schools worldwide. As a standardized assessment, it evaluates candidates’ analytical, verbal, quantitative, and writing abilities, providing B-schools with a comprehensive measure for admitting candidates into their MBA programs. Given the global recognition of GMAT scores in MBA admissions, candidates strive to excel in this test to increase their chances of securing admission to their preferred institutes. Through adequate preparation and the application of short tricks tailored for the GMAT examination, candidates can enhance their performance and achieve their target scores.

Quantitative Reasoning Short Tricks for GMAT Examination

The GMAT Quantitative Reasoning section assesses candidates’ mathematical proficiency, necessitating a strong grasp of basic mathematical rules and formulas. Employing short tricks can significantly aid candidates in tackling this section effectively. Here are some essential short tricks for mastering the Quantitative Reasoning section:

  1. Squaring Numbers Between 11 and 19 Using 10:
    • Identify the nearest multiple of 10 for the given number.
    • Calculate the difference required to make it a multiple of 10 by either adding or subtracting.
    • Adjust the given number accordingly and incorporate these adjustments into the squaring formula.
  2. Calculations with Multiples of 10:
    • Add or subtract a number to the given value to make it a multiple of 10, facilitating quicker calculations.
  3. Avoid Full Calculation:
    • Interpret answers by analyzing provided variables rather than performing complete calculations.
  4. Consider All Options Before Solving:
    • Assess provided options to determine the most suitable answer choice.
  5. Experiment with Backsolving:
    • Work backward by plugging in answer options to solve equations and eliminate unsuitable choices.

Verbal Reasoning Short Tricks for GMAT Examination

The GMAT Verbal Reasoning section evaluates candidates’ comprehension and analysis of English language constructs. Employing strategic short tricks can aid candidates in navigating this section efficiently. Here are some valuable short tricks for excelling in Verbal Reasoning:

  1. Address the Question Directly:
    • Select options that directly answer the question, disregarding extraneous information.
  2. Evaluate All Answer Choices and Employ Elimination:
    • Narrow down choices by eliminating irrelevant options until one remains.
  3. Take Notes:
    • Jot down key points in the passage to aid comprehension and identify the main idea effectively.

Data Insights Short Tricks for GMAT Examination

The GMAT Data Insights section presents challenges in interpreting and analyzing data effectively. Employing specific short tricks can facilitate efficient problem-solving. Here are fundamental short tricks for mastering the Data Insights section:

  1. Thorough Examination of Details:
    • Analyze all details presented in the question meticulously.
  2. Use of Rough Sheets for Calculations:
    • Perform calculations systematically using rough sheets.
  3. Identify Patterns and Predict Answers:
    • Identify patterns within the data and predict answers before considering options.


The strategic application of short tricks tailored for each GMAT section can significantly enhance candidates' performance and increase their chances of achieving high scores. For comprehensive GMAT preparation and guidance, aspiring candidates can join PW GMAT Online Coaching, benefiting from the expertise of qualified faculties to fulfill their MBA admission aspirations successfully.


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