ICAI's Announcement: CA Registration Cut Off Dates for September and January Exams

ICAI’s Announcement: CA Registration Cut Off Dates for September and January Exams 2024


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has unveiled the latest CA Registration Cut Off Dates for aspiring candidates gearing up for the September 2024 and January 2025 exams. This pivotal announcement signifies a strategic shift in the examination schedule, aligning with ICAI’s vision to enhance accessibility and accommodate the growing influx of students aspiring to embark on their journey towards becoming chartered accountants. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the new exam schedule, eligibility criteria, registration process, and the significance of adhering to the prescribed deadlines.

ICAI’s New Exam Schedule: Enhancing Accessibility

In a bid to cater to the evolving needs of aspiring chartered accountants, ICAI has revamped its examination schedule, offering more frequent opportunities for candidates to appear for the CA Foundation and Intermediate exams. Formerly conducted biannually, these exams will now be held thrice a year, providing students with additional avenues to showcase their proficiency and progress in the CA curriculum. This strategic move underscores ICAI’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and ensuring that aspiring professionals have ample opportunities to pursue their academic ambitions.

Understanding ICAI’s Eligibility Criteria

Before embarking on the registration process, it is imperative for aspiring candidates to familiarize themselves with ICAI’s eligibility criteria. For the CA Foundation course exam, candidates must be registered with the Board of Studies of the Institute for a minimum of four months preceding the exam date. Similarly, for the Intermediate course examination, candidates must fulfill the prerequisite of undergoing a study course for a duration of not less than eight months prior to the CA exam date. These stipulations are designed to ensure that candidates possess the requisite knowledge and commitment to excel in their respective examinations.

CA Registration Cut Off Dates: Navigating the Timeline

Aspiring candidates aiming to appear in the September 2024 exams must adhere to the stipulated registration deadlines. The last date for registration in the Foundation course is 1st May 2024, while for the Intermediate course, the registration deadline for the January 2025 exams also falls on 1st May 2024. It is imperative for candidates to heed these CA Registration Cut Off Dates, irrespective of whether they opt for the Foundation Route or Direct Entry Route. Additionally, candidates who registered for the Intermediate Course up to 1st January 2024 are eligible to appear in the September 2024 Intermediate Examination, ensuring continuity for students under the previous examination timeline.

Navigating the CA Registration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

To facilitate a seamless registration process, aspiring candidates can follow these simple steps:

1Visit the official ICAI website: icaiexam.icai.org.
2Fill in your details and generate an OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number or email.
3Enter the OTP for validation.
4Receive login credentials via email or SMS.
5Log in to the ICAI website using the provided credentials.
6Select the student cycle on the left side of the portal.
7Choose ‘Apply for Foundation’.
8Complete the CA Foundation form with required details and click ‘Save and Next’.
9Upload scanned copies of necessary documents.
10Upload your photograph and signature.
11Pay the CA Foundation registration fees.
12Print the registration form, attach required documents, and mail it to ICAI.
13Upon registration, ICAI will dispatch study materials via the Centralized Dispatch System.

Significance of ICAI’s Announcement

The announcement of the revised examination schedule by ICAI marks a significant milestone in the realm of CA education. By offering exams thrice a year for the Foundation and Intermediate courses, ICAI aims to empower aspiring chartered accountants with enhanced opportunities to realize their academic aspirations. Adhering to the CA Registration Cut Off Dates is paramount for candidates planning to appear in the upcoming September 2024 and January 2025 exams, ensuring seamless progression in their CA journey.


In conclusion, ICAI's announcement of the CA Registration Cut Off Dates for the September and January exams reflects a strategic initiative to revamp the examination schedule and cater to the evolving needs of aspiring chartered accountants. By navigating the eligibility criteria, adhering to the registration deadlines, and embracing the streamlined registration process, candidates can position themselves for success in their CA journey. Empower your aspirations with PW CA courses, and embark on your path to academic excellence with confidence and conviction.


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