How to Cancel Order on Zomato After Payment: Step-by-step Guide

How to Cancel Order on Zomato After Payment: Step-by-step Guide

You may need to cancel your order on Zomato if you find that plans change in the fast-paced online food delivery world. Flexibleness is important to Zomato, whether it’s because of a sudden change in your plans, an error in the order or for any other reason. In this article, we have explainer How to Cancel Order on Zomato After Payment after you have changed your mind to keep the order.

Understanding Zomato Cancellation Policy

It’s important to understand Zomato’s policy on cancellations before you begin the process. Zomato offers users the option to cancel orders without any fees under certain conditions. It’s important to cancel your order as soon as possible to avoid penalties. Here are the steps you need to take to cancel your order on Zomato.

How to cancel an order on Zomato: Step-by-Step

You can cancel your order by following the steps below:

1Open the Zomato App on your device.
2Click on “My Orders”.
3You can cancel an order by selecting the desired order.
4Click on “Cancel order” to cancel your order.
5To confirm cancellation, follow the instructions on the screen.
6Your order will be cancelled successfully once confirmed.

These steps will ensure a smooth cancellation process and allow you to quickly make changes to your purchase.

FAQs about Cancelling orders on Zomato

Q. How do I cancel an Zomato order?
To cancel an Zomato order, open the Zomato application, navigate to “My Orders”, select the order that you wish to cancel and tap the “Cancel Orders” option. To confirm cancellation, follow the instructions on the screen.

Q. How do I cancel an order in the Zomato app?
It’s easy to cancel your order using the Zomato App. You can cancel your order by opening the Zomato app and going to “My Orders”. Select the order that you want to cancel and then follow the instructions.


It is important to master the art of cancelling orders on Zomato in order to ensure a seamless and smooth food ordering experience. You can easily cancel orders by familiarizing yourself the Zomato cancellation policy, and following the provided step-by-step instructions. It is important to act quickly in order to avoid any unwanted charges or inconveniences.

If you’re looking to cancel an order on Zomato, it is easy and convenient. Next time you want to cancel a Zomato order, you can do it easily.


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