CBSE Class 10 Science: Most Important Questions and Answers

CBSE Class 10 Science: Most Important Questions and Answers

As the CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam 2024 draws near, students are diligently engaged in their preparation. Amidst the vast syllabus and plethora of resources, it is essential to focus on the most pertinent questions that are likely to be asked in the class 10 board exam.

In this comprehensive guide, we present a meticulously curated collection of chapter-wise important questions and answers for CBSE Class 10 Science. These questions have been carefully designed by subject experts after a thorough analysis of the latest syllabus and sample question paper patterns.

By delving into these crucial questions, students will gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts and gain the confidence to tackle any question that may come their way.

Chapter-wise Important Questions CBSE Class 10

  • Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour
    • What are the different types of chemical reactions?
    • How can we balance chemical equations?
    • What are the properties of acids, bases, and salts?
    • How do metals and non-metals react with each other?
    • What is the periodic classification of elements?
  • World of Living
    • What are the characteristics of living organisms?
    • How do organisms obtain and utilize energy?
    • What are the different types of reproduction?
    • How do genes influence heredity?
    • What is the theory of evolution?
  • Natural Phenomena
    • What are the different types of forces?
    • How do objects move?
    • What is the nature of light?
    • What are the different types of sound waves?
    • What is the structure of the Earth?
  • Effects of Current
    • What is electricity?
    • How does electric current flow?
    • What are the different types of circuits?
    • How does magnetism work?
    • What are the different sources of energy?
  • Natural Resources
    • What are the different types of natural resources?
    • How are natural resources used?
    • What are the environmental impacts of resource use?
    • How can we conserve natural resources?
    • What are the different types of pollution?


  • How can I effectively utilize these important questions?
    • These important questions can be used for self-assessment, revision, and exam preparation.
    • By attempting these questions, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses in each chapter.
    • Students can also use these questions to practice answering different types of questions, such as MCQs, case-based questions, and descriptive questions.
  • What is the best way to approach these questions?
    • Students should first read the question carefully and understand what is being asked.
    • They should then brainstorm all the relevant information they know about the topic.
    • Students should then structure their answer in a clear and concise manner.
    • Finally, they should proofread their answer for any errors.
  • How can I ensure that I am well-prepared for the CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam?
    • In addition to practicing these important questions, students should also refer to the prescribed NCERT textbooks, sample papers, and previous year papers.
    • Students should also focus on developing their conceptual understanding of the key concepts in each chapter.
    • Time management is also crucial for success in the exam. Students should practice answering questions within the stipulated time frame.


By diligently practicing these important questions, students can gain a solid foundation in CBSE Class 10 Science. With hard work and dedication, they can achieve their desired成績 in the upcoming board exam.


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