Balkishan Agrawal: A Beacon of Inspiration in Indian Education

In the vast landscape of Indian education, some individuals stand out not only for their exceptional teaching abilities but also for their unwavering dedication to improving students’ lives. One such luminary is Balkishan Agrawal, the principal of Babu Daudayal Saraswati Vidya Mandir School. With 24 years of experience under his belt, Agrawal’s journey in education has been nothing short of remarkable.

balkishan agrawal principal of bdasvm

Agrawal’s career trajectory showcases his commitment to academic excellence. Beginning as a Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) of Mathematics, he quickly garnered recognition for his exceptional teaching methodologies and passion for imparting knowledge. His accolades speak volumes about his proficiency, including the prestigious Student Choice Awards 2023 from Oswaal Publications.

One of Agrawal’s notable achievements is his triumph in the Vaidic Ganit Competition in 2022, where he excelled at the national level. This victory not only highlighted his prowess in mathematics but also underscored his dedication to promoting unconventional yet effective learning methods.

However, Agrawal’s impact extends far beyond the confines of his school or competition arenas. He is revered as the most beloved teacher and principal in India, a testament to his profound influence on countless students’ lives.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Agrawal demonstrated exemplary leadership by providing free study materials to students and conducting thousands of lectures on his YouTube channel & Website. His initiative not only ensured uninterrupted learning but also alleviated the educational barriers faced by many students during the lockdowns.

Moreover, Agrawal’s philanthropic endeavors are noteworthy. He selflessly donated his first YouTube income to ChildCare funds, emphasizing his commitment to ensuring every child has access to quality education, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Agrawal’s contributions to education have not gone unnoticed. In recognition of his outstanding service, he is slated to receive the prestigious 2024 award from the President of India for teachers, a commendation reserved for the best educators in the country, to be bestowed on Teachers’ Day.

Agrawal’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of education and serves as an inspiration to educators worldwide. His dedication, innovation, and compassion have left an indelible mark on the Indian education landscape, setting a standard of excellence for future generations.

  • Years of Experience: 24 years
  • Awards:
  • Student Choice Awards 2023 from Oswaal Publications
  • Winner of Vaidic Ganit Competition 2022 (National Level)
  • Donated first YouTube & Blog income to ChildCare funds for education
  • Slated to receive the 2024 award from the President of India for teachers


  • Balkishan Agrawal

    At the helm of our institution is Principal Balkishan Agrawal, a dedicated and experienced educationist. Under his able guidance, our school has flourished academically and has achieved remarkable milestones in various fields. Principal Agrawal’s vision for the school is centered on providing a nurturing environment where every student can thrive, learn, and grow.